The Lake of Potorono Village – Place to Visit (Part 8)

So today I can finally going around again with my scooter after few days were just raining for the whole day long and doesn’t really feel well. And today was a good day, shiny with blue sky, makes me energetic to explore again.

I was just driving around to the south area of my city, I choose the small road so I can see the ricefields around and the mountains, not just the city. I didn’t feel that was so far but actually pretty far which almost half an hour driving and I found a place like a dam/lake of a village and they were having event there. It catch my eyes so I decide to stop and find place to park, which was easy to find the parking spot.

That big name sign was catching my eyes instantly, the spot where they put the name was a good spot in my few because the background as well, it has a beautiful view of the mountain behind it. It’s making it has plus point beside the lake itself. It was about 3PM and they have like an isle show behind that big sign and some people especially the women were doing sport together and having like quiz with some doorprizes. There were other people as well that just were coming only to chill here. This is so nice.

Beside the dam/lake, there’s also a pretty wide river which has beautiful spot and it’s making it flow like a waterfall, it was just beautiful. And in my view, this lake is pretty clean.

Oh…and it has aloooot of fishes there, I saw koi fish, goldfish, pomfret, carp, and several other types of fish that I don’t know the name of it. It was fun to see the kids and some other people throwing the foods to the lake and making the fish appear.

In this area, they also have pigeons around, like alot than usual and they keep it clean around the pigeon’s cage/house. Was making me so happy to see those flying around and even coming around me as well.

And the last thing that were interesting are kids that just back to school, they visit this lake with their friends and some also coming there for a date where they still wear their uniform. Haha

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