Learning Point from The Last Post

Here I need to share something again that still related to the previous post, about the lake. When I visit the lake, I was going circle the lake and I was curious about the river how is it look like so I walk closer to it and I see something interesting, there was a small boat where there were few people there trying to take some garbage (clean the river) there.

It’s very nice to see and to know people care for the environment of the river and it was making me somehow happy to see that.

More stuff related to this place, I see some signs showing to keep clean the lake, prohibition not to litter, especially into the lake. A sign so that we don’t make other people throw out our own trash. Seeing those signs and those people who clean the river making me realise, it’s all related to everyone in that visit this lake, if the environment clean, the nature and everyone who visit the place are also going to feel comfortable and happy.

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