The City Birthday

So, two weeks ago on Friday, I’ve been going to inside Yogyakarta Palace. It was a special day in my city which is the birthday of 266’th of my city. Events were held here and there, especially because these 2 years we couldn’t celebrate it because of the covid and finally this year we can again celebrate it. In a week a series of events are held in my city, there are various arts and cultural events like Sekaten (it’s like a carnival).

They are called “Abdi Dalem”

On that special day, there is a performance at the Kraton called “Macapat”, which is like a traditional song sung in Javanese. The “Abdi Dalem” from the Kraton sat together and took turns singing the prepared macapat songs. Abdi Dalem are people who have and will promise to be loyal and diligent all their lives to devote themselves to the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace which is led by a Sultan (Yogyakarta King).

The highlight of the event was held in the city center in the Tugu area, where there was a very lively performance that anyone could attend. The event was lively because various dance performances were made like theater and held along the north and south roads of the monument. Various people came to watch the event and finally the event was closed with really beautiful fireworks.

Down here I will put the location of the Kraton Yogyakarta (The Palace), where I watch the Macapat show

Location link:

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