Inside the Palace – Place to Visit (Part 7)

After about 20 years of living in this city, I can finally get a chance to look more into the inside of Yogyakarta Palace, I’ve visited the other part of the Palace but it was my first for this part and it was on a special day of my city, which was making it feels more special as well for me.

Some Pendopo inside the Palace

Pendopo is a wide-open building (without borders or partitions), usually located at the front of the house (Javanese houses), provided for meetings and other purposes related to the needs of the community.

This small Pendopo is used to place traditional music equipment, for the other small white building is like part of a gate to go to another part of the Palace, it has a space for the “Abdi Dalem Statue” so it feels like another welcoming sign to go deeper to the Palace.

The photo above is the gate to go further into the Palace and there were some travelers from other countries also coming to this Palace.

This is the first few that I see after the previous gate, it’s the middle of the Palace. There are some spots that we can visit but they are also some private spots of the King’s family so we cannot enter. But it’s quite enough for me to see how wonderful inside this Palace.

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