Starting with a “thank you” note, for continuing to be with us in this new year and for the support u have shown us.

With that in mind, we present to you, our next step and idea. After spending a bit of time in Indonesia, a bit more than 7 months, and getting to experience a lot of the local lifestyle I came up with the idea of a travel guide. The first time that I went to Yogyakarta I stopped at the Malioboro mall and looked for a travel guide, and, even though I did find it a good read and informative, after experiencing the lifestyle of the Java island I felt it needed more.

Yogyakarta Travel tips

the title we decided, on at this moment will be the guidebook that will make traveling a bit more enjoyable, and, will add a bit of knowledge to the user with lots of valuable tips.

The ebook will include the following:

  • Introduction  
  • History 
  • Language 
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation 
  • Food
  • Things to do
  • Map
  • Conclusion
  • About us

With all the info I gathered in my time in Yogyakarta put in this ebook I hope to add to a more pleasant stay and an adventure that will help the user fit into a different culture, new traditions and habits from the locals, and a lot of more small tips that I picked up living in Yogyakarta.

Hope you enjoy this read and the small preview of what’s to come. 😀

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