Drones the legal way

Not long ago, like few month ago, I sold my drone and upgraded. Well sort of, changed from my new DJI mini 1 to the Dji Mavic 2, and, the second being a second hand drone that I got on a good price and as a package.

As advantages for the Mavic 2 over the Mini 1 I have the next:

  • more power and mass for windy situations plus APAS
  • better image quality
  • zoom so I don’t need to intrude or get too close for shots
  • the dji Smart RC so I don’t need to use my phone as a monitor

This post is about becoming a drone pilot and flying your drone in a safely and legal manner.

In terms of licensing there are quite a lot of companies that offer it, and I would say quite pricey. Here u will find out how u can do that on your own and probably 10X cheaper… keep in mind this is not a DIY, soo here we go.

1st of all you will need to check your country drone licensing portal, today’s post covers EASA members, and those can be found at https://www.easa.europa.eu/en/domains/civil-drones/naa

2nd you will follow the platform of your country and you will be guided thru the entire process.

All the materials needed will be provided by the platform and can also all be found on the EASA portal.

Good luck!