Challenged with a wedding?

Hello everyone, I have been away for a while, and, I got a few excuses. Well … the main one, Kezia and I are preparing for the wedding, and that’s what eating our days lately.

Also as of today, I will take part in the 30 Days HARD Creator Challenge, an event launched by LOST CREATOR ACADEMY, with this hopefully il make blogging a habit in my life and also improve.

Going back to the wedding planning, we started a while back, and is mainly set at the moment, of course, there are more details to put in place but closer to the event. For me now all that is left is the paperwork preparations here, and, man I can’t wait for that long trip again.

For the wedding, I have a HUGE THANK YOU note to:

Dini from Wedding Center Yogyakarta has been a huge help to us with lots of details including even a blueprint with the dimensions of the venue building.

In this post, I will attach some of the pictures received from Dini with wedding ideas in that regard all pictures are only informative and I DO NOT OWN THEM.

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