Some Captures from Today #1

Today was a sunny day in my city, Yogyakarta city. Decided to go around a bit and capture things around that interest me.

It was quite hot and a bit crowd today in the city.

Captured this also, ricefield view with some ponds around.

There was a small river and has something interesting on it. So I captured that small little thing there.

The photo above is showing a pink flower that people here call “Bunga Putri Malu” if it’s translated it’s like a shy flower because every time you touch the leaves, they will close like they are about to wither, tis flower is very sensitive by touch. Which is still cool for me until now. haha

This flower, I never really know the name, but this one actually has a special memory since I was a kid. When I was a kid, this almost become like one of my special treasures I looked into it to make rings from it.

This flower was taken in my front yard and this is called “Bunga Kamboja”. It also smells good.

And also I got to see another beautiful sunset today. Should also take a photo of the volcano behind those trees, so next time I will show you all about the volcano, which I live not far from it.

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