Ledhok Blotan – Place to Visit (Part 9)

My siblings and I decide to swim somewhere that day on a hot afternoon. There was a recommendation place, which is not so far from our home. We wanted to swim in a natural place like river or maybe spring, but we didn’t want to go so far from home and there’s a place called “Ledhok Blotan”. It’s a river which has stones like walls and from there it come out few water springs.

This tourist location is part of a tour in a village and this tourist spot is still being developed. The costs incurred to enjoy this tourist spot are also still not determined so that tourists who come can pay sincerely. In terms of completeness of tourism, this place still needs to be developed.

In my opinion, they already have some interesting things, not only from the river itself but also the seating area for eating, where they also have a small warung (like a small shop which selling food and beverages). There is already a changing place that also has clean water which in my opinion is very important for a natural tourist spot like this. Need to add places near the river to put things to be more secure.

There is one interesting thing that made me a little intrigued, where they provide a box for visitors to enter money as an entry ticket, but because no one is guarding and the box is also not locked, there are several small children who come close to the box and take the money. And they use it to buy snacks. In my opinion, this attitude is not right, considering that they are also still small but have done such things.

Location link: https://goo.gl/maps/Po4nAAQdwrAxWGWo7

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