Hello everyone, this post is a collaboration side by side for the most famous place for tourists and the cultural capital of Indonesia.

Although the internet is flooded with a huge amount of info on how to travel Bali, places to visit and lots of waterfalls, Indonesia has a lot more to offer, and, today il share a bit with you about JOGJA.

Given the fact that less than a year an ago I spent more than half a year in Yogyakarta ,I taught id share some with you. Yogyakarta is a place of story, and a place of wonder, a place of education and culture, a place of art and joy in all u can see.

This article is made in collaboration with Igor Kondrat from the Travel Blogging Academy, and he will share his experience on Bali in his article called How to survive the streets of Canggu in Bali?

How did it start?

A while back,(quite a few years) I fell in love with Kezia, and as u can imagine we had to meet, and that was Yogyakarta. So I arrive in Yogyakarta (2018), go to a Kost sleep over night and, well, Kezia was busy with a university project and imagine that was my first trip on that magnitude. With no experience as a backpacker and all alone on the other side of the globe I fell in love with the city with the entire vibe of the place and after 20 km of walking around the city and living it, I was more trilled than tired. That was the first trip, my first month there, way too short, 2019 another trip, pandemic period and after with my first chance I moved there for a bit longer.

A guide to Yogyakarta

Before arriving u will look into quite a few things to prepare like;

  • GRAB and GOjek – apps for trasportation and deliveries 
  • Mamikos – app for finding cheap local places to stay at
  • Google – the old almighty helper for any kind of research 

These apps apply to all Indonesia 

Remember I didn’t had any even for the first time, and I survived 😀 ,so, I say Yogyakarta is pretty safe.

The city

Welcome to Yogyakarta, a city of adventure and cultural beauty. Yogyakarta, or also referred to as “Jogja”, this historic city situated in the Yogyakarta Special Region in Java, Indonesia is famous for its abundance of culture, wildlife, and stunning landscapes. Yogyakarta is a paradise for nature lovers. From the rolling hills of Mount Merapi and the indigo waters of Taman Sari, to the plethora of food and entertainment options, Yogyakarta will surely make your stay a memorable one. 

When you visit Yogyakarta, you will be met with its incredible sights and sounds. The city’s picturesque streets with their diverse architecture and culture will awe you, from traditional kampongs to elegant colonial structures. One of the highlights of touring the city is admiring the well-preserved Kandang Sriwedari Park, which lies at the heart of the city and is home to an array of shrines, monuments, and art galleries. Yogyakarta’s bustling nightlife scene is another draw for many travellers. Be sure to take in some of the city’s renowned performances, from traditional puppetry shows to live music from the vibrant street markets.

When it comes to accommodation, Yogyakarta has something for every budget. From simple homestay-style options to five-star resorts with all the amenities, you’ll find the perfect spot to rest your head each night. For those looking to experience something a bit more offbeat than what is typically offered in Yogyakarta, consider a night in one of the nearby Borobudur monastery’s guesthouses.

Those looking to experience a more cultural side of Yogyakarta should make the journey to the majestic temples of Prambanan. Spend a day exploring the immense complex and marvelling at the intricate carvings and structures before taking a short trip to the nearby bazaar to shop for souvenirs and trinkets. For an even more immersive experience, consider taking a traditional Javanese dance lesson at the cultural institute. 

For those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Yogyakarta boasts an abundance of pristine beaches. Head to the nearby beaches at Bagelen and Ponjong. Immerse yourself in a world of beauty, tranquility, and serenity as you relax on the white sand beaches and snap pictures with stunning views of mountain scapes.

Yogyakarta offers plenty of food options to tantalise one’s taste buds. From local street stalls to high-end dining establishments, there is something for everyone. Be sure to sample some of the city’s traditional dishes such as gudeg, chicken sate, and sambal goreng. For dessert, a must-try dish is tahu goreng, which is a type of fried tofu.

One of the best ways to discover all that Yogyakarta has to offer is on foot. Explore the city’s narrow alleyways, bustling markets, and unique monuments. Be sure to visit the iconic Tugu Monument and the stunning Yogyakarta Palace. For an even more memorable experience, consider taking a ride on a becak, the city’s traditional rickshaw.

To wrap up your exploration of Yogyakarta and the surrounding countryside, a visit to the mystical temples of Borobudur is a must. Built in the 8th century, the massive, intricate stupas and monuments are awe-inspiring, and the surrounding nature and unassuming villages lend a sense of calm, serenity, and peace.

Yogyakarta is a destination like no other. From its vibrant nightlife to its historic and cultural attractions, the city will keep you coming back for more. Enjoy the adventure and beauty that Yogyakarta has to offer and let our blogs open your minds to new posibilities.

 With those said il let u have a sneak peak and again make sure to check Igor article about Bali:How to survive the streets of Canggu in Bali?

We hope you enjoy the read and we plan on bringing u more.

“Cover the earth before it covers you.”
— Dagobert Runes

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