This Christmas

This Christmas feels different than last Christmas, because me and Casi not in the same place. Hahaha… Well, after few months not in the long distant I can feel the differences like a lot. I remember last we both helping the Church to decorate with some other young people, actually not only decorate but before it we were also repaint the Church and it was so fun. Also after the celebration at Church, we have gathering time with my big family, it wasn’t all family but it was already big. Hahaha.. What a memorable moment. I will never forget that.

And for this year, even it feels different, I’m still surrounded by my family and friends here. Made some Christmas cards with some friends for other friends in the Church, so it’s like from us and back to us. Hahaha… Everything are memorable moments these last 2 years even it was with the Covid-19 condition, but right now it’s all getting better here and I hope the world will totally heal soon. And also, I hope everyone will have a warm, happy and a bless Christmas this year! Since it’s night before Christmas here, Happy Christmas Eve everyone! God bless you all 🤗✨

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