The Ricefield Landscape

While driving around with the scooter to that cave from the previous post, I was also stopping by at a road between ricefields. I stopped because of this view, I couldn’t just keep on going driving without taking photos of it.

For me it was so beautiful, you can literally looking at the shape of the mountains too. It was the time for the farmers to planting the rice, it was so nice to see this view. It’s like cleaning and refreshing your eyes with the green from the nature.

While the farmers were planting, I was also looking alot of “Cattle egret / Herons”, we call it “Burung Kuntul” here. There were two types of egret that I saw which were only white color and the other were having brown color on their head until the neck of their body. If the egret still roams the area it means the environment has a lot of trees because the shady trees are the place where the egret nests were. Wet areas such as rice fields and swamps are areas where they forage for food. Bantul itself is an area that has many rice fields, so it is easier to find egrets in this area. But now, the egret population is starting to decrease, along with the loss of trees there.

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