The Chandeliers at The Palace

When I visit inside the Palace I also took some photo from different types of chandeliers, it was very interesting to see some details like that, some antique chandeliers which still well maintained.

The chandelier at the gate

The chandelier at the pendopo

The chandelier in front of the door of King’s Family House area

Some kind of chandeliers inside rooms in the palace

From all of it I can see the differences between all of them, for the chandeliers with a lot of lamps, it placed for welcoming people such as gate also for the special position which is the King’s Family Door which also has different detail there that’s making it more luxurious. Places like Pendopo have chandeliers with 2/3 lamps on them (places for meetings or people come gathering). And for chandeliers with 1 lamp placed in a room that now I see it used to place important stuff such as special kinds of glasses and mugs so it’s like a museum as well which is cool. I’m sorry I cannot show you the pictures of the mugs, teapots, and glasses, because it has a sign to not take the picture. I always consider whenever I go to always follow the rules around me, especially in this kind of place.

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