Taman Rekreasi Kaliurang – Place to Visit (Part 6)

After enjoying the previous menu (previous post), because there was a problem with the car, we went to the service center. After that we continued our journey towards Kaliurang, entering Merapi Volcano area. It was almost dark when we entered the area and we stopped at a road, because the atmosphere was very quiet, I could easily take photos from various directions.

At that time the fog began to fall and rain as well as raindrops that began to fall slowly. We decided to return to continue our journey. Our next goal was actually to enjoy dinner with “Sate Kelinci (Rabbit Satay)” at the “Taman Rekreasi Kaliurang” area.

We then stopped at a small food stall on the side of the road, because it was raining at that time, I decided to order a bowl of “Bakso” or in english it means “Meatballs” and it served with hot soup that has beef broth, perfect to warm my body but then didn’t order the rabbit satay. Only my little sister ordered the food.

After eating the bowl of meatballs, then I ordered a bowl of “Wedang Ronde”, this food is like a hot sweet soup, so it is suitable for dessert. There is a pretty strong ginger taste in this soup, for the filling there are peanuts, slices of bread, and there are like balls made from a mixture of rice flour and glutinous rice flour.

Location link: https://goo.gl/maps/G7wL7jKpmtmeSetf9

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