Swike – Unique Food

Today, I will talk about food again. This might be not very appetizing for some people, maybe because of where it comes from and the look of the food which is still showing its shape. But this is soo yummy for me and also for a lot of people here.

Swike Soup

Usually, my family and I go to the Central Java area to find this dish, because it is a bit difficult to find this dish in the city where I live. This is the food, it is called “Swike/Swekee”. This is a dish made from frogs (the thigh). This dish is an influence of Chinese cuisine in Indonesia. There are several kinds of dishes from this which are fried, soup, and stir-fried. My favorite is the swike stir-fried with a little bit of soup. Very delicious especially if eaten when it rains.

Usually, we eat this dish with a serving of hot rice, topped with “sambal” to make it spicy and some people also like to add lime juice. The dish above is my favorite, it’s stir-fried but with a little bit of soup, it is sweet but also tastes delicious from fried garlic and some other ingredient in the soup. It’s so yummy.

This is the fried egg frog, not my favorite but this actually tastes good as well. There’s also fried swike but we didn’t order it last time. Usually, for the fried swike they grease the meat with wet flour and then fry it. If you see the red thing on the small plate, that is what we call as “sambal”, we have so many kinds of sambal in Indonesia for that one we call it “Sambal bawang” that’s made from ground cayenne pepper with a mixture of garlic, a little salt and usually with a little msg. Also doused the sambal with a little hot oil (this is my family’s way of making sambal). And it will be ready to be served. This dish is worth to try if you love unusual or unique food!

I will give you some recommendations of the restaurant to enjoy this dish (these locations are where my family and I use to go):

  1. Swekee Bu Reso dan Raja Penyet : https://goo.gl/maps/ffkeG89sScaPh6f88
  2. Swike Bu Reso : https://goo.gl/maps/oPApfhucJQi2ZWU89
  3. Warung Swekee Mbak Ning : https://goo.gl/maps/gWv4wGkuizYfq8758
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