Alun-Alun Lor Yogyakarta – Place to Visit (Part 4)

Today I will share about a little part of Yogyakarta Palace. This is the front look o the Palace from the North Alun-alun, in Indonesian it’s called “Alun-alun Utara” and in Javanese it’s called “Alun-alun Lor”.

From the information Alun-alun has 150 x 150 meters wide. There’s also another Alun-alun on the South part, in Indonesian it’s called “Alun-alun Selatan” and in Javanese it’s called “Alun-alun Kidul”.

This place is becoming a Landmark for Yogyakarta city. And another thing about the North Alun-alun, specifically in the past, this place was included as a sacred place and not everyone could enter it. But along with the time going on, this location is now becoming a public space for the community and various activities are often held here, such as art events, night markets, and several other events.

We took these pictures on 2018 and right now, it has some changes now especially the Alun-alun. We will give also some update pictures later.

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