Mangut Lele Mbah Marto – Place to Visit (Part 5)

So, today my family and I went out almost all day. The first place we visited was a very interesting restaurant. Located in Sewon District, Bantul Regency.

If you come to this restaurant, you will get a different experience from restaurants in general. Why? Because when you arrive, you will feel like coming to your grandmother’s house and you’ll feel like at home (this moment is part of Javanese, Indonesian culture) where usually if you come to visit your grandmother, you will be offered to eat, and immediately take the food that you want in the kitchen.

Just like the Javanese culture, this restaurant provides a similar experience, where like at your own grandmother’s house, you will be immediately welcomed in and directed to go straight to the kitchen where you can even directly see the process of your food being mixed and cooked. And definitely you can take the food by yourself.

When you have taken all the food you want, you can immediately bring your own food to the dining room and pay for your food after you finish eating (Before going home), so you need to remember what food you have taken.

Learning Point Today: This made me realize that we are also trusted by the seller to be honest with what food we have enjoyed. An interesting thing that I learned while eating a traditional cuisine at one of a legend restaurant.

The restaurant is legendary and very interesting to be visited because they have a special recipe for one of their main dishes, called “Mangut Lele”. This food is made from catfish that is smoked first and served with a soup that is rich with spices and also taste spicy. If you visit Yogyakarta, you need to visit this restaurant because it’s only about 20 minutes drive from Yogyakarta city.

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