Landscape from Batu Papal & an Update from Us

Hey everyone! We have some updates here! So, these few days we had some problems with our block, so we apologize if maybe we have not reply some people that came visit to our blog and interacted to us in the comment. Finally we managed to be back again but everything is like new and every port were deleted with the system.

I hope you all will always stay with us, cause we will share more things here about Indonesia and soon will be about Romania as well. Thank you everyone! Hope you all have good days always! 🤗✨

Oh.. and a little bit explanation for the location above, it’s called “Batu Papal” or in english you can call it as “Papal Stone”, actually I haven’t ask about the meaning of it. But as you can see the few from above are soo beautiful! I took the photo from Sleman district, but from there I could see Klaten regency, Lawu Mountain, some other mountains, also the villages down there and also I could actually see Jombor Swamp. Maybe next time I will go to the swamp and share to you guys here!

Location link:

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