Failed but ended very well…

So this time I was driving around to Bantul area. While driving I was thinking to go to “Goa Jepang” or in english it can be called as “Japan Cave”. When I almost arrive it turns out closed because the village where the cave located, they were having an event there and everyone (the guide of the gate which also the villager) were there for the event. So I decided to go to another place.

That cave is located in a high location in a mountain, so the road were pretty narrow and also sloppy. But the view were stunning because I could see soo many things from above, I could see villages, river and some people that has activities there, a bridge that pretty big bove the river.

And from above, because of the location that’s not very far from the ocean, I could also see some part of the beach from there. It was stunning to see it, even couldn’t visit the cave, I could still see the stunning view from above.

Location link (Bukit Panorama Punthuk):

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