Behind myself

First of all, I’d like to start by saying sorry, for the late post, it has been a bit of a rough few weeks, mentally, being back and apart from Kezia.

I’m Casian, the man behind the scene, the guy behind the tech, and today il let you know me a little.

Kezia & Casian

This is us in, Indonesia, and next a small intro into my past.

I come from a very modest family with five kids, me being the oldest one, next having two brothers and two sisters. With huge ambition and being the oldest I grow up working and learning with extreme motivation, and it did pay out. For the work, even before finishing my studies, I learned to save and travel, and for the studies, well I did good, so good that no one could ever complain about that.

Passionate about technology, while starting university I also got hired as a computer hardware technician and saved some pocket money, later started using it for trips after starting to talk to Kezia in 2017.

While doing well with my studies I also saved a good part of the scholarship, all that together is my ticket to Indonesia in 2018 and 2019, right after started my master I also got a full job and a car, and covid came, couldn’t see her after that until November 2021.

While being there we made our future plan, and we decided we should get married and made that a promise, so right now I’m back working hard and being very motivated for our future plan.

At the end of this post, il attach a few photos of me with my siblings and working hard for our dream. Hope you enjoy it!

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