A Piece of Our Story – Part #1

Hey everybody… Today I want to share something different from every post that been uploaded all this time. I want to share something related to the background of the making of this blog.

So, this blog idea came from both of us and my boyfriend started it first while I was still struggling to finish my study in Architecture. It was years of challenge for me to finish it, I almost gave up on my study but my family and especially my boyfriend, they were always giving me support. Casi, he was always telling me to work on my final project, like everyday while we were in call. Oh ya, since covid we been in LDR for pretty long time until he could finally came here while the covid still not so good, he had quarantine time and then he was here for like almost 7 months. While he was here, he gave me alot of support, his time was mean soo much for me, the time that you can never pay back with anything.

I was even crying after my final project while still in zoom meeting with my lecturers and Casi was sitting not so far from me and he was also crying when I finally finished it. I cried with happiness and felt so relieved because finally I could finish it after years and thought I couldn’t finish it but I did it. Thank God for every moment of it, I learn and also grow a lot from it.

Now, we are in LDR again but we are still working for our future. He is in Romania, I’m in Indonesia and we both are still working on this blog. Lately I have time to focus on this blog more than him, so I try to work more here. We have dream to travel together more in the future

And I’m sorry if sometimes you all see our post especially from me are full with alot of photos, it’s honestly because it still difficult for me to choose which good photo to choose, cause everything are great for me and I feel like want to share every photos. Haha but we will try to make it better, we are in the process right now.

Thank you for everyone that stick together with us and everyone that following us, you are all means alot for us. Again thank you everyone, hope you all have great days ahead always! Lots of love from us! God bless you all 🤗

These are special photos from both of us

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